Top Ten 80’s High School Movies

Killer parties, bad cafeteria food, bullies, and hot girls you could only dream of going out on a date with. What do all of these things have in common? High School! Those 4 crazy years that defined our future. Who wouldn´t love to go back and do it all over again or maybe change a thing or two. Heres a list of some of the wildest movies that take us back to those days every time we see them. Oh, the memories.

10. Three O’clock High

9. Teen Wolf

8. Lucas

7. Footloose

6. Weird Science

5. Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

4. 16 Candles

3. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

1. The Breakfast Club

Honorable Mention: Porky´s , Valley Girl, Summer School

74 Responses to “Top Ten 80’s High School Movies”

  1. Great choice of movies!!!!

  2. Teen Wolf? Otherwise, good choices, but I would actually put 3 O’clock High at the top. And where is Better Off Dead?

  3. Teen Wolf is not deserving of top ten status, and I don’t think Footloose does either. Here is a list of the top ten 1980’s movies left off the list. In no particular order;
    Dead Poets Society, Heathers, Better Off Dead, My Bodyguard, Gregorys Girl, Stand and Deliver, Risky Business, The Karate Kid, Hoosiers, Say Anything

  4. What about Fast Times At Ridgemont High???

  5. Fast Times is on the list dude…#3
    Ferris Bueller would be my choice for # 1.

  6. Better off Dead shoulda totally been on there.

  7. I would have included The Last American Virgin. While the movie had its share of dead spots, it was the most realistic, in showing how geeky guys don’t always get the girl, and still get screwed over. I give it credit not for content (although it is a pretty good flick), but for realism. Anyone that wasn’t popular will watch it and say, “yup, that’s exactly how it was.”

  8. […] High School! Those 4 crazy years that defined our future. Who wouldn´t love to go back and do it all over again or maybe change a thing or two. Heres a list of some of the wildest movies that take us back to those days every time we see them. Oh, the memories. [link] […]

  9. Dazed and Confused would have been my #1, but other than that not a bad list.

  10. no pretty in pink … list isn’t complete without that movie

  11. 1 Fast Times at Ridgemont high
    2 Breakfast club
    3 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    4 risky business
    5 Pretty in pink
    6 16 candles
    7 dazed and confused
    8 young guns
    9 weird sceince
    10 summer school

  12. Good list Loydd236…but is Young Guns a high school movie?

  13. PORKYS !!!!!!!!!

  14. Jim…saying that footloose doesn’t belong just makes me want to punch you. And your list is horrible, I honestly havn’t even a lot of the movies on your list because YOUR LIST SUCKS

  15. this list blows - you missed most of the best and padded it with kife.

  16. Where is heathers???

    This lists sucks!!

  17. You know, we had some great movies. My kids these days don’t have anything nearly as good.
    I do agree porky’s should be on there. Revenge of the nerds wasn’t bad either.

  18. Valley Girl should be on this list.

  19. Yeah, totally… dazed and confused has to be a definite contender for a spot on that list… any spot really, but I’d have had it pretty high in the standings…

    I can’t beleive it’s not there. It’s fantastic. Best highschool movie ever. And it has a whole pile of before-they-were-famous kids.

  21. Uhhh…Dazed and Confused came out in the 90’s. Not to mention that it took place in the 70’s.

  22. Dazed and Confused was made in 1992

  23. I’d watch one crazy summer before i watched pretty in pink

  24. yes pretty good list but Better Off Dead is most definitely missing “TWO DOLLARS” LMAO

  25. dazed and confused wasn’t made in the 80’s. it was made in 1993-if you guys claim to love movies so much how do you over look that. and you left off one important 80s classic-the goonies-”goonies never say die!”

  26. Stop making comments when you don’t know what you are talking about. 80’s High School movies is the category, not movies about high school in the 80’s. Not movies you like that were from the 80’s, but may or may not have involved high school. And please look at the damn list before you make stupid comments like “what about…” when it’s on the list. Make your own list, post it on your own web site.

  27. Um, the list is 80’s High School movies, which think is supposed to mean 80’s movies about the high school experience. Dead Poets Society, Hoosiers, Young Guns, and Porky’s (unfortunately) don’t count. Also, Dazed and Confused was made in 1993 about high school in the 70’s. I’d also question whether Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was really about high school??

  28. Oh yeah, two of you numbnuts listed “Dazed and Confused”, nice pull idiots! The movie was released in ‘93 and is about the last day of school in ‘76. The 80’s doesn’t even connect to it at all! How stupid can you possibly be and yet survive?

  29. one shocking omission: BACK TO THE FUTURE…starts in 80’s highscool. dazed and confused was set in 70’s ..dead poets societ? early 90’s right? The Outsiders? that was not set in the 80’s but came out in the 80’s ..not sure if list is set in 80’s or most popular during the 80’s? hossiers certainly wasn’t set in the 80’s>

  30. I should’ve said “80’s movies about the 80’s high school experience”

  31. And what about Clueless… no high school movie is complete without that.

  32. [ Kirbo wrote on 25. Apr 2007
    Dazed and Confused would have been my #1, but other than that not a bad list. ]

    Although a good movie, Dazed and Confused was made in the ’90s

  33. Dazed and Confused came out in 1993, and PORKYS!

  34. 1st three are where they should be. then it should have been risky business, then excellent adventure.

  35. no wait, 5th should have been karate kid, then excellent adventure.

  36. scandata: 100% on with Last American Virgin. I’m surprised anyone else remembered that movie. Not a bad flick for the 80s…but the ending was what made the film.

  37. Uhhh I think that the people now get the fact that dazed and confused came out in the 90’s, its been posted once, you dont have to post it 8 times.

  38. What a crock!! No “Better Off Dead”?!?

  39. Jim,
    Karate Kid sucked.
    and so did Stand and Deliver.

  40. What about “Class?” I’m shocked not only that it’s not on the list, but also that one has yet mentioned it. It came out the same time as Risky Business and had some real good-quality early material from Rob Lowe and John Cusack. Awesome movie. Also has Jacqueline Bisset and lots of other stars.

    My honorable mentions: Nukem High (silly but fun), and Making the Grade (afaik, it was both Judd Nelson’s and Andrew Dice Clay’s first film role).

    Making the grade is about a guy (Nelson) who gets paid to take the senior year for some rich kid who can’t be bothered to attend school - and all hell eventually breaks loose.

    Neat list though.

  41. chillax kids, it’s JUST a list of movies that someone thinks are the top 10. it doesn’t mean they ARE.

    of course not everyone is going to agree, but seriously there’s no point in arguing over them, nor is there any point in repeating something someone has already said (eg. dazed and confused) just to attack others.

  42. […] Link […]

  43. Great list. I would have included “Valley Girl” and “Last American Virgin” but to each his own.

  44. there must be a good reason why dazed and confused isnt up here…and detroit rock city was awesome too

  45. What about Dazed and Confused? That was a classic

  46. you missed–st. slmos fire, platoon, terminator, e.t., etc

  47. Clueless another 90’s movie. Some of you are clueless.

    Young Guns as an 80’s high school movie. You kidding me?. Must been fun going to 6th period English Class riding a horse.

    IF this was a top 20. Wildcats starting; (Goldie Hawn, Wesley Snipes, and Woody Harrison). Vison Quest (Matthew Modine)some of the other movies you guys could consider.

  48. Oh and a Stephen King movie. Christine

  49. dazed & confused is a 90’s movie u morons! It was made in 1993. Fast Times should of been #1, while footloose should not even be on this list! I can’t beleive Porky’s isn’t on the list, the shower scene is one of the greatest scenes in a comedy movie ever!


    p.s. to “the C” how original …don’t make same stupid mistake as your parents and please wear a comdom

  51. Mark what does Terminator have to do with 80s high school movies?

  52. St. Elmo’s Fire was not about high school. Here is a quote from “A Group of friends, just out of college, struggle with adulthood. Their main problem is that they’re all self-centered and obnoxious.”

    Platoon was also not about high school. It was about the Vietnam war.

    Terminator was again not a high school movie. Its a sci-fi movie about a killer cyborg.

  53. what about back to the future??

  54. dazed and confused is not an 80s movie…it was a 90s movie about the 70s

  55. um, what about pretty in pink?


  57. Dazed and Confused didn’t come out of the 80’s neither did Clueless!
    Read carefully
    top 10 80’s!!!! Durrr!

  58. What? No Heathers? I love that movie

  59. Karate Kid and Better Off Dead are the 2 big omissions in my book….

    Whats up, where is Less than Zero?

  60. stop hi jacking peoples post about dazed and confused and when it was released morons. Some of us are just too old to remember when a great movie was released.

    and if you want to get technical on high school movies wtf does footloose have to do with it ? what there was maybe 20 seconds of a school hall in the movie ???

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off = oh yeah 2 mins total of office scene

    16 candles = was there even a school scene in that one must of been shorter then the top 2 mentioned.

    pretty in pink = which wasn’t mentioned (1986) had longer school scenes then any of these 3 put together.

    the list is flawed i could go on but whats the use half of you morons here don’t even get it

    oh and before i leave … one of the best “SCHOOL ” movies ever what about BACK TO SCHOOL !!!! with rodney dangerfield. (1986)

  61. ok list is good but missing some good ones here is mine:
    1. breakfast club
    2. sixteen candles
    3. weird science
    4. vision quest
    5. karate kid
    6. some kind of wonderful
    7. valley girl
    8. last american virgin
    9. class
    10.pretty in pink

    honorable mention: say anything,footloose,all the right moves,risky business,fast times

  62. Evidently 1989 is not part of the 80’s.

  63. wheres dazed and confused?

  64. Better off Dead, and I think Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful where good ones too. Definately not Teen Wolf, bad bad movie.

  65. your all idiots Debbie does Dallas!

  66. There are no good 80’s high school movies. As someone who came of age in the 80’s I can tell you first hand that there is NO film that captures the era. John Hughes should be burned in effigy every time this subject is brought up for ruining the 80’s with his celluliod pablum. Were were robbed. Where’s our Rebel Without a Cause? Where’s our American Grafitti? Where’s our Dazed and Confused? Where’s our Napoleon Dynamite? We got a big pile of steaming nothing!

  67. The list was good but I would have replaced teen wolf with Karate kid.

  68. Thanks “romeo” because your commentary was so very original. My commentary about “Dazed and Confused” was the first posted, but this fruity little program must not care about sequence. My point, which you obviously missed, and was pounded into the ground by like ten other people was that it had nothing to do with the Eighties. Yes, it is a clever movie. I like it a whole bunch, but it doesn’t fit the category. But please feel free to rip on my post, I’m sure your life will be empty without it.

  69. What do you mean there is no movie that defines the 80s? Breakfest Club you moron, if your a product of the 80s and can’t identify with that film then you must have been home schooled.

  70. Geoff,

    Breakfest Club reflected only the idealized 80’s, not the real 80’s. You obvioulsy didn’t see the termites behind all that pretty wallpaper. You must have thought Ronny was an effective president.

  71. “Lean on me”!!! where is it? im upset

  72. What about The Godfather 1 & 2? How could you forget them? Oh, and I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but Dazed and Confused came out in the 90s.

  73. sorry folks! didnt see the part about them being 80s “High School” movies

  74. […] Top 10 80’s High School Movies I’ll take #2, 5, 6, 7, & 9. […]

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