Top 10 Craziest Characters in Movies

These guys are friggin’ crazy, nuts, bonkers… you wouldn’t to mess with these fuckers…

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Top 10 Comedians of All-Time

These are the most laugh-out-loud comedians we’ve ever seen. Some of them may be new to you, others are classic, but trust us when we say, you’ll enjoy this post.
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New layout set up!

Ok peeps, it’s been a while but we’re back on track, we just got a new staff of contributors…

Hope you enjoy the new layout!

Top 10 Stripteases

You’ve seen’em, you know you have… we’ve found our top 10 pole-lickin bump-rumpin’ teases… check them after the jump!
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Top 10 Bathroom Moments in Films

Heres a nice wierd list we came up with. Some of the craziest and weirdest moments in films that have to do with bathrooms. Anything can happen while your on the toilet, whether your fighting the forces of evil or just playing a wierd game to pass the time, the toilet is the last place you would expect to find or see some of these things.
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Top 10 Big Breasted Blondes in films

Most of these ladies cant act for sh”t , but who the hell cares, all we like to see is them lovely puppies bouncing around the movie screen.
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Top 10 Rome season 2 Moments

A tribute to one of the greatest shows ever created for television. Superb acting, magnificent sets, and a cast of thousands brought ancient Rome to our homes.
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Top 10 Henchwomen in Films

Ladies that look good and kill even better. Here we have some of the sexiest henchwomen that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Some of these crazy ass biatches just enjoy and love to hurt people.
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Top 10 Evil Deans and teachers in Films

Everybody hates teachers, especially annoying ones. Here we have some of the worst and most evil teachers in films, their only job during the whole film was to ruin the main characters life. Some of these teachers tried to frame the students, others tried to push them over the limit, and some even went as far as to stalk them and ruin their entire life.
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Top 10 Baseball Movies

Americas favorite sport and hobby. Here we have put together some of the greatest movies that deal with our beloved sport. Some of these movies deal with crazy fans, moments under pressure to see if our heroes crack or surpass their limits. We give you some of the most memorable moments in baseballmovies, from hitting that last ball to score the game-winning hr to beating the odds and coming from last place to win the division.
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