Top 10 Bombers in Films

For the right price this highly trained specialist will do your dirty job, their weapon of choice, bombs. In a car, building, or even in a crab cake if they wanted to, they will get the job done for you, just donĀ“t be late on your payments or you may wind up spending the rest of your life checking your car for a little surprise.

10. Castor and Pollux Troy- Face Off

9. Project Mayhem- Fight club

8. Ray Quick- Specialist

7. Reinhardt Heymar Wulfgar- Nighthawks

6. Terrorist Cells- The Siege

5. Oliver Lang- Arlington Road

4. Mossad Agents- Munich

3. Howard Payne- Speed

2. Simon Gruber- Die Hard: With a Vengeance

1. Ryan Gaerity- Blown Away

Honorable Mention: The Final Cut, Executive Desicion

7 Responses to “Top 10 Bombers in Films”

  1. Michael Bay needs to make a crappy “Bomberman” movie adaptation so that our bombing hero can take his rightful place at the top of this list.


  3. Robin Williams as “The Professor” in Secret Agent.

    Too obscure for you?

  4. you forgot the last scene in doctor strangelove. later parodied by the simpsons where homer rides a falling nuke with a cowboy hat yelling “yeeehaw~!”

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  6. I’d have to put Gene Simmons as Malak al Rahim from Wanted Dead or Alive in there.

  7. Good list, but you’ve got to go back a bit more in movie history:

    Hitchcock’s Sabotage

    Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove

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