Top 10 Psychos in Films

Have you ever wanted to run over your ex-wife? Ever feel like smashing your boss head through a window? Would you like to grab a bat and hit your annoying friend over and over? Well if you do, then you just might be a pre-psycho and the following movies may very well be your favorites of all times.

10. Annie Wilkes ( Misery )

9. Frank Booth ( Blue Velvet )

8. Alex Forrest ( Fatal Attraction )

7. Travis Bickle ( Taxi Driver )

6. John Doe ( Seven )

5. Jack Torrance ( The Shinning )

4. Dr. Hannibal Lecter ( The Silence of the Lambs )

3. Patrick Bateman ( American Psycho )

2. Norman Bates ( Psycho)

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1. Mickey and Mallory Knox ( Natural Born Killers )

19 Responses to “Top 10 Psychos in Films”

  1. You forgot the character from “Falling Down”. Good list though

  2. Guess you haven’t you seen “Audition”? Or are you not counting non-American ‘cinema’?

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  4. Brad Pitt’s character “Early” from Kalifornia most certainly should have been included on this list.

  5. Definatly do agree with Mickey & Mallory Knox being number one though.^_^

  6. Where is Hannibal Lecter? You have the retarded kid from Cheers but no Hannibal the cannibal?

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  8. i think patrick bateman from american psycho should of been number one personally

  9. Dick Tation, Hannibal the Cannibal is on the list, his in the fourth spot.

  10. Audition sucked and wasn’t that great and natural born killers is the most overrated movie of all time. other than that everything was good

  11. I’m missing Begbie from Trainspotting here..

  12. Well we appreciate all your comments and hope in the future that we can post stuff you will all enjoy. Check out our new post about 80´s cartoons ( posted today ) and tomorow we will have a top ten about horror icons. See who will be the number one icon.

  13. The woman in Audition was and wasn’t a psycho- what was shown depicting her as such were mainly thoughts/dreams in the one man’s imagination brought out by what he had heard from others and little gossip.

    Anyway, this is a fine list; my favorite being Frank Booth. I think you should have had used this clip instead (despite its crummy quality):

  14. Frank Booth should be at least in the top 3.

  15. Jack for sure

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