Top 10 Vietnam Movies

Ready to go to the jungles of Nam and fight for your country? Wanna go deep inside enemy territory and fight off Charlies forces? Well grab your umbrella, about 500 pairs of socks, and remember to take all your vitamins and shots, cause you are not going to paradise. Heare a list of the greatest Vietnam movies in film.

10. Tigerland

9. We Were Soliders

8. Hamburger Hill

7. Good Morning Vietnam

6. Born on the Fourth of July

5. Casualties of War

4. The Deeer Hunter

3. Platoon

2. Full Metal Jacket

1. Apocalypse Now

Honorable Mention: The Green Berets, , Bat*21, Coming Home

4 Responses to “Top 10 Vietnam Movies”

  1. I cant believe u have platoon ranked as low as #3, it should def be #1. Its basically THE movie that started the accurate, non propaganda (like john waynes green berets) modern war movie. And on top of that has amazing sound design and Cinematography. The opening patrol, when he falls asleep on watch is great scene showing the power of sound and editing.

  2. Why give the The Green Berets an honorable mention? It was pro-war propaganda crap, about the Strategic Hamlet Program that had already failed by the time the movie was even made. George Takei missed the first third of Star Trek Season 2 for that shit? Plus, if you pay any attention, you’ll notice the M-16 props in may scenes are just out of proportion PLASTIC TOYS! The Huey crashing scene is obvioulsy a 1/48 scale off the shelf model set on fire with clearly visible wires. And finally, the music cues are about as racist as Krusty the Klown doing his “Flied Lice” routine!

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  4. Ewok751:

    You know, “the Green Beret” as the author mentions, is only in honorable mentions. You really should focus on the list iteself…

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