Top 10 Gangs in Movies

Say your out in a club, suddenly you find yourself in a situation were 3 or 4 guys wanna kick your ass cause you were hitting on their girlfriends, well I bet youd love to have one of these gangs around to back you up. Introducing some of the meanest and toughest sons of bitches you´ll ever meet.

10. The Bombers ( Streets of Fire )

9. Green Street Elite ( Green Street )

8. The Wanderers ( The Wanderers )

7. The Droogs ( A Clockwork Orange )

6. La Onda ( Blood In, Blood Out )

5. Crazy 88 ( Kill Bill )

4. The Marauders ( Mad Max 2 )

3. The Nativist and Dead Rabbits ( Gangs of New York )

2. The Greasers ( The Outsiders )

1. The Warriors ( The Warriors )

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  2. You’re totally forgetting the Foot Clan from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…those guys were awesome.

  3. Good call on the Warriors. Great fucking movie.

  4. I’m sure that one was thought up… I really think that is kind of lame

  5. The gang in the Outsiders is actually called “the Greasers.”

  6. Great pick with Alex’s droogs in Clockwork Orange, but they never really say what their name is in the movie or the novel. They were amazing, though.

  7. this list should begin and end with Cobra Kai

  8. the movie is called Green Street Hooligans, not Green Street.

  9. Good thing no one remembered the Deuces from Deuces Wild. I’m pretty sure they kicked some ass.

  10. Warriors wins hands down. The baseball furies could even be included just because they were in the fight scene!

  11. Forgot the bike gang from “Akira”. If you’ve seen it, you know how badass they are.

  12. Where is “Our Gang” Spanky and the boys ruled. Greatest Movie Gang Ever, No Debate!

  13. Hook & The Daggers, man! Hook & The Daggers!

  14. The lords of Flatbush - “I eat avenue J!”
    Rumble Fish

    good list.

  15. actually in some areas the movie is called just green street, so youre wrong jake. and the warriors was a fucking boring movie, i tried watching that bitch like 8 times and fell asleep everytime from boredom. Akira sucked too anime is gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  17. You totally redeemed yourself. I will never bitch again! The Warriors are a no brainer here.

  18. What about the Army from Fight Club?

  19. Warriors Definately ..But I Think The Rogues Led By Luther were also pretty bad ass even though they got it in the end ….

  20. Should have had the putty’s from power rangers. definitively the weakest of all gangs, they took hilarious beatings

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  22. what about the gang from “Any which way but loose”

  23. You’ve gotta be kidding me. The number 1 gang should DEFINITELY be “La eMe” from the movie “American Me”, the gang that the fictional “La Onda” is based off.

    Unlike the other gangs on that list, “La eMe” not only actually exists, but is the largest and most powerful gang in the US and most of South America.

  24. what about the axe gang from ‘kung fu hustle’? they could dance!!!

  25. Hey what about “The Lost Boys”? The baddest gang of the 80’s!

  26. The “Gang” from Scooby Doo.

    They were badass.

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