Top 10 Drug Lords

Meet the business men of drug-trafficking. These are the kingpins and czars of cocaine, heroin, weed and any kind of drug you can think of. From common low-life thugs to millionares of drug empires, through the rise of power, pushing their merchandise these lords made it in the underworld, just remember, never get high on your own product.

10. French Connectiom- Alain Charnier

9. Above the Law- Kurt Zagon

8. Enter the Dragon- Han

7. Miami Vice- Montoya

6. Delta Force 2- Ramon Cota

5. Licence to kill- Franz Sanchez

4. Clear and Present danger- Ernesto Escobedo

3. New Jack City- Nino brown

2. Blow- George Jung

1. Scarface- Tony Montana

Honorable mention: Carlitos Brigante- Carlitos Way

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