Top 10 Pimps in Films

My b$tch better have my money, through rain or snow! This famous quote is what goes through the mind of every pimp in the world. Here we have the hardest working pimps in films. For the right price this gentlemen will get you the entertainment and fun you are looking for.

10. Night Shift- Bill Blazejowski and Chuck Lumley (Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler)

9. Duece Bigalow- T.J. Hicks (Eddie Griffin)

8. True Romance- Drexl Spivey (Gary Oldman)

7. Taxi Driver- Sport Matthew (Harvey Keitel)

6. Friday After Next- Pinky (Clifton Powell)

5. Doctor Detroit- Doctor Detroit (Dan Aykroid)

4. Willie Dynamite- Willie Dynamite (Roscoe Orman)

3. The Mack- Goldie (Max Julien)

2. Hustle and Flow- Djay ( Terrance Howard)

1. I’m Gonna Git You Sucka- Flyguy (Antonio Fargas)

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