Top 10 Game Shows

Is that your final answer? That famous question one hears in almost every game show. These are considered the greatest shows of all time ( not included are dating shows or reality). Who doesn´t like to see some poor fool lose it all or catch a break after all.

10. The Joker´s Wild

9. Concentration

8. Password

7. Pyramid

6. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

5. Hollywood Squares

4. Family Feud

3. Wheel of Fortune

2. Jeopardy

1. The Price is Right

Honorable Mention: Let´s Make a Deal , Beat the Clock

3 Responses to “Top 10 Game Shows”

  1. “millionare” was so lame it was sued by it’s insurance company because it made the questions way too easy, another example of the dumbing down of America. Thanks for adding to it.

    Ben Stein’s money was WAY better. You had intelligent questions, a young Kimmel starting out, and later the total babe, ex South Park staff writer Nancy Pimental! What more could you want?


  3. Where is Press your Luck? Whammys? Anyone? Also a fan of Whore or Bore on WJFK’s The Junkies.

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