Top 10 Whitey´s that can kick it! (Music-Wise)

Who says that homeboys are the only ones with rhythm. Here we have some of the whitest people to try to keep it real and kick it. We salute you, even though a couple of you look ridiculous, most set their own tone and proove us wrong, creating a new look and feel to the […]

Top 10 Drug-Addicts in Movies

Ladies and gentleman, let us introduce you to some of the greatest and wackiest drug-addicts in movies. Just be warned, you don´t want these individuals in your house, you never know when they will try to steal your furniture, and sell it for a line or shot of their elixir drug. Oh, an another thing, […]

Top 10 SNL (Male) Cast Members

Here we have the greatest cast members in one of the longest running shows in tv history. Some of these comedians jump started their careers in this show. Here we have the most memorable members, while some were taken from us as too early , others remain, making us laugh every single time we […]

Top 10 Remakes that Sucked

The following list is composed of some of the worst remakes in movie history!, They are an insult to the original movie. Some movies were never ment to be redone, the originals kick ass compared to these remakes.

Top Ten 70´s Police Shows

The 70´s was an era that brought us disco music, punk rock, a lot of cool movies and it also gave us some of the most memorable police shows in tv history. We honor these shows with this top ten , enjoy.

Top 10 Star Wars Fights

Here we are celebrating 30 years of Geekness with this list of the greatest fights in the Star Wars saga. Most are one on one while others include 2 on 1. The classics never die.

Top 10 Pimps in Films

My b$tch better have my money, through rain or snow! This famous quote is what goes through the mind of every pimp in the world. Here we have the hardest working pimps in films. For the right price this gentlemen will get you the entertainment and fun you are looking for.

Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

Known through out the world as the greatest secret agent, James Bond has had remarkable themes since the start of its franchise. Heres a list of the greatest theme songs form the James Bond movies.

Top 10 Creepy Kids you don´t wanna mess with!

Here we have the creepiest kids in films, believe us when we tell you , you don´t want to get stuck babysitting these little bastards or worst, pissing them off will likely get you into trouble. Some are dangerous, otehrs are just plain spooky and creepy. Timeouts don´t work on them, only bullets and a […]

Top 10 Drug Lords

Meet the business men of drug-trafficking. These are the kingpins and czars of cocaine, heroin, weed and any kind of drug you can think of. From common low-life thugs to millionares of drug empires, through the rise of power, pushing their merchandise these lords made it in the underworld, just remember, never get high […]