Top Ten Directors that star in their own films.

Imagine having to act and direct a movie at the same time. Thats a hard job, unless your making a porn. These megalomaniacs HAVE to appear in their movies, some just to be a part of their project, as if directing wasn’t enough. But others, are just douchebags and camera hogs that need the […]

Top 10 Horror-Movie Icons

Whose the meanest slasher, horror icon of them all? Jason? Chucky? Tall man? Heres a list of the icons of horror movies, our bedtime buddies, that made us laugh, cheer, and sleep with our parents till we were 17. Were have they all gone to? Since those days horror movies have brought […]

Top 10 1980s US Cartoons that kicked ass.

The 80´s, it was a decade of great music, good movies, and the time that cartoons kicked ass! Heres a list of the cartoons that rocked every boys world. Featuring the coolest superheroes that included Optimus Prime, Duke, He-Man, and the greatest villains such as Megatron, Cobra Commander, and Skeletor.

Top 10 Psychos in Films

Have you ever wanted to run over your ex-wife? Ever feel like smashing your boss head through a window? Would you like to grab a bat and hit your annoying friend over and over? Well if you do, then you just might be a pre-psycho and the following movies may very well be your favorites […]

Top Ten Mafia Movies

Organized Crime has never been as interesting as it is in these movies. Some of the classics found in almost every man’s collection and which has taught many several of the most important rules of life. Never rat on your friends.