Top 10 Fictional Sports In Movies You’d Love to see on TV

Tired of watching some bored game or sport like golf, tennis or bowling? Well heres a list of games and sports that Hollywood should be considering to make for tv! Imagine turning on the tv and instead of watching Survivor Alaska ; or remember the XFL, well how about a new sport or game, […]

Top 10 Gangs in Movies

Say your out in a club, suddenly you find yourself in a situation were 3 or 4 guys wanna kick your ass cause you were hitting on their girlfriends, well I bet youd love to have one of these gangs around to back you up. Introducing some of the meanest and toughest sons of bitches […]

Top 10 Fighting Video Games Series (1p vs 2p)

Had a bad day? Wanna take your frustrations out on someone? Well why not invite your friends over and kick the living hell out of them in a nice one on one fighting video game! Here are some of the best fighting games franchises ever developed. So start learning those combos and get ready to […]

Top 10 Hip-Hop Groups

Funky glasses, excessive gold chains and a crew (each of them with their own microphone), these are just some of the accesories you need in order to become a hip hop artist. Here we have some of the greatest hip hop groups of all times. Whether you like this type of music or don´t, at […]

Top Ten 80’s High School Movies

Killer parties, bad cafeteria food, bullies, and hot girls you could only dream of going out on a date with. What do all of these things have in common? High School! Those 4 crazy years that defined our future. Who wouldn´t love to go back and do it all over again or […]

Top 10 Lesbian Scenes in Films

Ah, the ladies. Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a beautiful lady? Well how about two of them? Here we brought together some of the most provocative lesbian scenes in films. Some of these scenes are nice and others are just too damn hot! If this is not your cup of tea, then get […]

Top Ten Clowns in Entertainment

Clowns, love them or hate them, here we have the most famous clowns in the entertainment industry. Some are cool and funny , while other just scare the hell out of people. So whether they make you laugh or haunt your dreams, enjoy these creepy painted individuals.

Top 10 Sci-Fi Cult Classics

The classics. Here we have some of the greatest and most original films in history. Whether you enjoy watching a computer programer fight for his life, a badd-ass ex-soldier take on an entire island, or three houses fight it off for supreme control of the galaxy , then these are your sci-fi cult classics.

Top Ten Women That ROCK

These ladies can rock your bones and kick your ass if they wanted to. Here we have 10 of the most talented and gifted ladies of rock n´roll. Some are smoking hot and others well they just let their voice do their talking. Who wouldn´t mind being their groupies.

Top Ten Kick Ass Speeches in Movies

We’ve all heard’em. War cries, and just plain inspirational speeches. For every situation possible, Hollywood has been able to come up with useful retoric. Situational speeches give you the best arsenal for doing many things. Here are some of the best.