Top Ten Clowns in Entertainment

Clowns, love them or hate them, here we have the most famous clowns in the entertainment industry. Some are cool and funny , while other just scare the hell out of people. So whether they make you laugh or haunt your dreams, enjoy these creepy painted individuals.

Top 10 Sci-Fi Cult Classics

The classics. Here we have some of the greatest and most original films in history. Whether you enjoy watching a computer programer fight for his life, a badd-ass ex-soldier take on an entire island, or three houses fight it off for supreme control of the galaxy , then these are your sci-fi cult classics.

Top 10 Horror-Movie Icons

Whose the meanest slasher, horror icon of them all? Jason? Chucky? Tall man? Heres a list of the icons of horror movies, our bedtime buddies, that made us laugh, cheer, and sleep with our parents till we were 17. Were have they all gone to? Since those days horror movies have brought […]