Top 10 Craziest Characters in Movies

These guys are friggin’ crazy, nuts, bonkers… you wouldn’t to mess with these fuckers…

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Top 10 Stripteases

You’ve seen’em, you know you have… we’ve found our top 10 pole-lickin bump-rumpin’ teases… check them after the jump!

Top 10 Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Here we have a tribute to the man who brougt us so many classics that are considered masterpieces in movie history. He made us fear simple animals in the movie The Birds, and made one question his or her sanity in movies like Psycho and Rear Window. We honor sir Alfred Hitchcock with a […]

Top 10 Armies that kick ass!

One could rule the world , if they had these armies backing them up and conquering everything they see. With backup like this, no one would dare mess with you. So here we the greatest armies in film history.

Top 10 Crazy Preachers

Church may be boring, asking for forgiveness takes a lot of guts , but this preachers can put the fun back into church time! Can I get an Amen? Heres a list of some of the craziest and funniest preachers of all times, it doesn´t matter what religion or god they serve, but they […]

Top 10 Hot Electronic Music Videos

Electronic music, its not something I personally like a lot and maybe you guys don´t either but after watching this videos, all I have to say is, I want to be in one or direct one (and if your already a porn director your 80% there) . Hot girls, dancing with each other or stripping, […]

Top 10 Vietnam Movies

Ready to go to the jungles of Nam and fight for your country? Wanna go deep inside enemy territory and fight off Charlies forces? Well grab your umbrella, about 500 pairs of socks, and remember to take all your vitamins and shots, cause you are not going to paradise. Heare a list of the greatest […]

Top 10 Gangs in Movies

Say your out in a club, suddenly you find yourself in a situation were 3 or 4 guys wanna kick your ass cause you were hitting on their girlfriends, well I bet youd love to have one of these gangs around to back you up. Introducing some of the meanest and toughest sons of bitches […]

Top 10 Hip-Hop Groups

Funky glasses, excessive gold chains and a crew (each of them with their own microphone), these are just some of the accesories you need in order to become a hip hop artist. Here we have some of the greatest hip hop groups of all times. Whether you like this type of music or don´t, at […]